Plazahouse shopping center

Relaxation & luxury.
Build a lifestyle of leisure and comfort.

Plaza House Shopping Center was founded in 1954 to meet the needs of officers, commanders and their families stationed at the nearby U.S. Ryukyu Command Headquarters, which was established after the war. Regarded as Japan’s first shopping mall, it was a reflection of the shopping culture that had taken hold in America at the time.
As of October 2018, the shopping center comprises 40 diverse establishments specialized in clothes, food, home and play. These include the Cantonese restaurant Getsuen Hanten, beloved for generations, and Roger’s, a specialty shop for directly imported products.
As the developer of the shopping center, Plaza House, Inc. operates a tenant association, organizes events that all stores participate in, and invites promising new tenants. The company aims to make the shopping experience feel like a journey in itself.

Address 3-1-23 Kubota Okinawa city Okinawa
Hours depend on each store
Hours Open year round
TEL 098-932-4480
FAX 098-933-7511