About Plazahouse Co., Ltd.

This is a shopping center. It’s also a window into the past.
It’s a place where you can still see traces of the American-ruled Okinawa. This is where Japan came face-to-face with another culture.
It’s a place with a rich variety of shops and restaurants, and a large parking lot to welcome you.
This is Plaza House, the first shopping center in Japan.

Company Outline

Location 3-1-12 Kubota Okinawa city Okinawa
Tel. 81-98-932-4480
Fax. 81-98-933-7511
Capital 30,000,000YEN
President Yoshino Taira
Employee 120
Business Retails, Wholesale, Restaurant, Import/Export, Hotel, Development of Shopping Center
Wholesale to The Terrace Hotels/ Department RYUBO
Line of Goods Garments, bags and shoes imported from Europe and the US. Watch, Liquor and Wine, Cosmetics, Hand crafts.
Affiliate A&W Okinawa.inc, Ivano.inc, Asia Paint, Royal Trading.itd

Company History

1953 Established ROYAL TRADING.co.ltd, in Hong Kong, as a basis of Plaza House inc.
1954 Opened international department store in Okinawa city, which selected choice articles from all over the world. Specially authorized by the Government of Ryukyu Islands, mainly for army civilian employees and their families.
1956 Established Rogers.inc for an import fashion business, and RC Williams.inc for the real estate business.
1960 Tourists from mainland Japan traveled Okinawa for the first time in the era of American possession. From then, Plaza House attracted the tourists attention as one of the most unique import shops in all over Japan.
1997 At the year of 45th Anniversary, RC Williams.inc , Rogers. Inc and Royal trading co. was merged into Plaza House.inc to develop and open a new building “ FAIR MALL”, as expansion of Plaza House Shopping Center.
1999 Awarded “ System Competition” by Ministry of International trade and industry, highly acclaimed its architectural advantage to fell and enjoy nature of Okinawa.
Held “Bali Fair” in August, to cerebrate and enjoy the Balinese Culture which has so many common points with those of Okinawa. For the event, Plaza House invited more than 50 balinese artist, dancers and chefs from Indonesia and succeeded to promote cultural exchanges between the two islands.
2009 Yoshino Taira was inaugurated as a president of Plaza House.inc
2014 As an anniversary of 60th, held “ Welcome! Rycom! Plaza House Summer Bingo!” with all the tenants. More than 1500 people joined the Bingo game for 2 days,.
2015 Project supported by the Ministry of Economy and Industry, “ GATE WAY TO RYCOM ANTHROPOLOGY” has launched.
Set a big digital signage at the gate of shopping center, and opened photo gallery “ Rycom Anthropology” which exhibit the monochrome photos of energetic and livery peoples, back in the era of Okinawa under American possessions.
2016 Awarded “Habataku- Shotengai 30” as highly acclaimed one of the best 30 shopping center/street in all over the Japan, its uniqueness and incentive challenges to promote local business and cultures.

Founder Charles Shi Shon

He arrived in Okinawa in 1947. He operated a restaurant and Sanguwa tailor within the military base with special permission. The next year, in 1948, he opened Shon’s bakery under the brand name “JO-TO-PAN” under a special contract with the military. Further, in 1950, he established Bireleys California Oranges Okinawa together with Mr. D.E. McGuire. Later, in July 1954, he opened Plaza House. He worked for 23 years as CEO, until May 1977, throughout which he strove to develop the company, and made enormous contributions both to the current Plaza House and to Okinawan tourism as a whole.