Rycom Anthropology

Rycom anthropology

Monochrome photographs show when Okinawa was America.
A gallery where you can learn about the culture of Okinawa under U.S. rule.

Rycom Anthropology

There was a time when Okinawa was America.
It was an era where the United States had entered a liberal era called the Fifties.
The mid-century modern design movement was spreading around the world.
Plaza House connects the world through fashion and culture,
attracting dreams and aspirations from around the globe.
This is a place to dwell on a variety of emotions as you reflect on the future of Okinawa,
which is about to change dramatically.
REMEMBER THE FUTURE — Do not forget the dreams you once had.
The past, the future, our dreams: this is a space to explore all of these together.

Rycom Anthropology features a permanent exhibit of 80 monographs photographs of Okinawa under U.S. rule, changed every few months to match a new theme. The photographs are selected from materials collected through the cooperation of various people, including 8,000 photographs from Keystone, a photography studio once located near Plaza House.
Scenes from people’s memories, snapshots of a very different time in Okinawa, values that must never be lost…
These black-and-white photographs tell a story about Okinawa’s unique past. They deserve to be seen by many.


A nickname for the former United States Ryukyu Command Headquarters.
After the United States returned control of Okinawa to Japan, the term came to denote the area including the former Awase Meadows Golf Course, Plaza House and the Rycom Intersection. It is the location where Koza and “Ryukyuan-American culture” (the culture of Okinawa from 1945 to 1972 while it was under American rule) came into existence.

Cultural anthropology is the comparative study of almost all phenomena in the lives of humans, such as lifestyles, languages, customs and ways of thinking, from a cultural perspective. It seeks to discover rules that are shared between cultures.

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