Plazahouse platform

Plazahouse Platform

Original Okinawan craftsmanship combining sensibilities from all times and places
A Plaza House private brand

Plazahouse platform

Beautiful craftsmanship and delicious food, right here in Okinawa. Plaza House Platform Okinawa is a private brand established in 2016 by Plaza House, which still retains much of Okinawa’s exotic atmosphere and the American mid-century design that influenced it. Okinawa and Plaza House have become platforms for the intermixing of people and cultures, leading to a new kind of sensibility. Here are some of the brand’s culturally rich products.

• Brown sugar fudge that adds Okinawan “island brown sugar” to a recipe for traditional English sweets

• A carré (scarf) with new colors added by French designer Catherine André using the traditional Okinawan “bingata” method of dyeing

• A silk scarf with textile patterns representing Okinawa’s flowers and sky by an Okinawan artist now living in New York

• A postcard set with photographs of Okinawa’s traditional festivals printed on handmade paper

• Okinawan “chinsuko” biscuits, contained in an elegant case following the style of the Ryukyu dynastic period

Address 3-1-12 Kubota Okinawa city Okinawa (Roger’s ARENA)
Business hours 10:00-20:00
Holiday New years day
TEL 098-932-4480
FAX 098-933-7511